By Land:

· Mountain Biking
· Rock Climbing
· Abseiling
· Hiking
· Quad Biking
· 4x4ing
· Sand Boarding
· Horse Riding
· Golfing
· Overland Safari's

By Water:

· Sea Kayaking
· Canoeing
· River Rafting
· Scuba Diving
· Kloofing
· Jet Skiing
· Wind Surfing
· Paddle Skiing
· Kite Surfing
· Shark cage Diving

By Air:

· Skydiving
· Micro Lighting
· Bungee Jumping

Daytrips and Safaries


Cape Town being the base for most of our tours, gives the unique advantage of Mountains and Sea, enabling Homeland Shuttles And Tours S.A to offer you the widest choice of activities, day trips and overland tours. Beginner lessons are possible with all the activities that we mention, experts will give personal tuition to ensure you a good start at experiencing the new sport. So don't not do it just because you don't know how, simply choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels!

We have endeavoured to cover as wide a range of activities as possible, but obviously we cannot include them all, so if you are looking to do an activity or tour that we have not mentioned, please ask for 'more info' and we will send you the relevant information.

By Land.
Mountain Biking - Whether you like an adventurous down hill decent from the top of Table Mountain or an easy ride around the Peninsul the choices are limitless. Day Trips are offered or bike hire for the independent traveller allow you the choice of rigid mountain bikes or full suspension.

Rock Climbing & Absailing - Extreme over hanging cliffs are totally safe but very exciting. Experience the thrill of descending spectacular vertical rock faces, dropp off the edge into free fall absailing and marvel at breathtaking views. Take on the falls and absail through the middle of raging torrents of water.

Hiking - With the amount of Mountains in Southern Africa along with expansively, long and spreading beaches and cliffs, you are spoilt for choice if hiking is your passion. Site seeing and m\nature trails are found in every area of the Cape. Study the maps and plan your own route or we'll organise guided hikes to take you to the areas of your interest.

Quad Biking & 4x4ing - Guided tours or hire your own if you have the experience. Take the rough road and climb the monsters up mountain ranges and treacherous gorges. If you have the nerve you can make use of this rough, rugged countryside and really get the heart thumping!

Sandboarding - Sandboarding offers the exhilaration of surfing and the freestyle of riding the snow, all with the pleasure of staying warm, dry and in the sun! Sandboarding is one of the newest adventure activities to hit Cape Town, the huge sand dunes make it the perfect place to learn and achieve the principles of snowboarding in the same token.

Horse Riding - Beach, Dune and Dessert rides. Depending on your riding experience, there are many options to choose from. Lessons can be organised, options of day trips to week excursions. Experience the great open space, big sky and solitude of Southern Africa's wilderness by horse back.

Golfing - If you are an avid golfer, South Africa may be the place to satisfy your desires. The rapid increase of golf courses around the Cape gives you choice and difference. Whatever your handicap you will find a wide range of stunningly situated golf courses to challenge and fulfil any ability.

By Water:
Sea Kayaking - Explore lovely beaches, rocky outcrops and excellent wildlife. Stable, comfortable kayaks make ideal transport to get you really close to the ocean. No experience is necessary to enjoy our coastline with a large variety of trails to suit your requirement and budget.

River Rafting and Canoeing -For first time rafters we can offer day trips such as touring the wine routes. Or something like a 2 day, slightly faster tour, experiencing grade two and three rapids, this includes accommodation and meals. Action packed days can be located in the Cedar Mountains, offering big, fast rapids. This can be taken to the extreme of white water rafting giving grades of four to six!

Scuba Diving - The Cape Peninsular offers excellent dive sites, both wreck and reef, which can be enjoyed on a guided dive with a qualified dive master. Choose from shore or boat dives to suit your particular fancy. Open water scuba courses are also available to introduce those as not yet so privileged to the magic of the under water world.

Kloofing - A leisurely hike will take you to rock pools where one can kloof from heights between 3 to 23 meters, depending on how brave you are feeling! Take a step off the edge and straighten your body as you plunge into the depths of crystal pools hidden high up in the mountains.

Jet Skiing - Zip through the ocean, fly the swells and feel the spray, exhilaration of speed, freedom and sheer aquatic pleasure.

Shark Cage Dive - It is exhilarating for those wishing or not wishing to dive with the sharks, as they are just as visible from the safety of the deck as from the cage. Great Whites, being inquisitive beasts, often come right up to the boat bringing their heads far enough out of the water to touch them. Divers enter a cylindrical two man cage. A Panoramic port allows you to photograph or video or even touch the sharks!

By Air:
Sky Diving - After a safety briefing and instructions, you are securely attached to your qualified Tandem Master with stat-of-the-art parachute and harness. The aeroplane will steadily climb to 9000ft, with triple safety checks you are ready to exit the plane free falling at around 200 kilometres an hour. Probably the most exhilarating experience you will ever have. Static Line Courses are available or go solo if you have the experience!

Microlighting - See the world from a new perspective: the windswept harness of a Microlight Aircraft. Soaring above the waves or skimming overland you can see beyond the boundaries of conventional sight, where earth, sea and sky become one and time ceases to exist. Training and instruction can be given or just take the back seat and enjoy the journey.

Bungee Jumping - Find the worlds highest Commercial Bungee at 216m!! Bungee Jumping or Bridge Swinging, experiences the freefall sensation with the added dimension of a massive high - speed pendulum swing. Jump by yourself of tandem with a friend.

If you want to take the work out of planning your own routes, let us know what you would like to discover and we'll organise the tour for you. Day trips can take you around the Peninsula, visiting the Wine Routes, Township Tours, Robin Island and visits to local Nature Reserves. Food and transport will all be arranged prior to the trip, whether you choose to cycle, hike or sit back and enjoy a guided tour bus, we can guarantee a jam packed day will be experienced.

Nature lover, want to see as much of the 'real' South Africa, don't have the desire to travel alone? The options to satisfy your demands are immense. Homeland Shuttles And Tours S.A works with an Overlanding company that offer a huge variety of trips. From a 14-day course along the Garden Route to a 21-day exploration of all the Nature Reserves. Working with this Overlander company we guarantee to satisfy any demand. The route is set and the itinerary starts from the moment of boarding the overland truck. It is also possible to utilise the Overland Company as a means of transport while still enjoying the activities involved. If the route coincides with your chosen destination then ride with the truck up until this point, then jump off when it suits you! No adventure is without risk, and overlanding is nothing if not
Adventurous - the unexpected is all part of the experience. Discover the immensity of the universe whilst sleeping under the stars. Smell the hot dusty earth, or the forest after the rains. It really will be worth your while.

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